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Karrie and Nandy Martin are bringing some southern soul to your staple pieces.  

In search of a big dream, Karrie and Nandy went from LA to L.A.  Growing up in southern Louisiana the two sisters ventured on a journey so grand, some would consider it unrealistic.  They were on a mission to make it in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry.  Move over (insert any famous Latina actress), here come the Martin girls!  But what they quickly realized is that the “dream” was not going to come easy, in fact they wondered if it would even happen at all.  And that’s when it happened… In the midst of tireless auditions, acting classes and traffic on the 405 (if you know you know), Martin Ave. was born.  The need to fulfill their creative soul was about to become a reality.  They knew they needed to create a style that incorporated the boho chic-ness of California, with their southern roots.

These styles are for the everyday girl.  Take your pieces from day to night, coast to coast, every direction you go… hence, Martin Ave.  Inspired by the fact that streets, roads and avenues take you in various directions of life.

Our brand is fun, versatile and ridiculously comfortable.

Going on a weekend trip to New York, pack it.  Want the perfect transitional piece that takes you from day to night, rock it.  Taking a luxurious vacation to the Italian Riviera, Martin Ave. it.

Made in the USA, the most delicious piece in your closet and fun enough to layer or wear as is.


** Disclaimer for those wondering: They continue to audition and have since blessed with the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. **